More Voice Roles Clarified for Cast of "Hand Shakers"

Original TV anime about dueling psychics begins Japanese broadcast in January of 2017

The official website of Hand Shakers, an upcoming original TV anime about dueling psychics, has updated with fresh character art that attaches more of the previously announced voice actors to their roles. The newly clarified roles include:



Sora Amamiya as Musubu.



Kenjiro Tsuda as Tazuna's father.



Satomi Satō as Tazuna's mother.



And Yūsuke Kobayashi as Tomoki. Additionally, Daisuke Namikawa will play the Voice of God.



Hand Shakers is directed by Shingo Suzuki and Hiromichi Kanazawa and features animation by GoHands. Hand Shakers is set in Osaka in the near future. The story follows pairs of people called "Hand Shakers" capable of summoning powerful psychic weapons called "Nimrodes" by joining hands. These groups square off in duels against one another, with the winning team eventually facing off against "God".


Hand Shakers will begin its Japanese broadcast in January of 2017.




Official Hand Shakers TV anime home page


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