Two Years After "Expelled from Paradise," Artist Thanks Fans with Anniversary Art

Character designer shares full-color art of leading lady Angela Balzac for film's second anniversary.

It's been two years since Expelled from Paradise first rocketed onto movie screens. Premiering in Europe in 2014 and penned by Gen Urobochi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), the film follows agent Angela Balzac as she assumes an organic body to hunt down a hacker who could potentially destroy her entire colony of digital beings. The hunt leads her to what remains of Earth, where she learns the truth behind the hacker known as "Frontier Setter."



Now, two years after its premiere in Sweden, character designer Masatsugu Saito is showing his thanks to all the fans of the film with some lovely hand-drawn art of Angela on his personal Twitter.

Aniplex released Expelled from Paradise in theaters, and currently has it available on Blu-Ray for anyone who missed it.


Source: @_saitomasatsugu




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