"Shirobako" Batting Cage to Close at End of Month

Tanashi Family Land Batting Center, featured in "Shirobako" episode 16, will close on November 30.

Sad news for fans of Shirobako who may have been considering a trip to Japan for some sightseeing. Tanashi Family Land Batting Center, the inspiration for the batting cages in episode 16, will be closing at the end of this month.



Junichiro Taniguchi, the key animator for episode 16, tweeted recently that the batting cages will be closed, and the official site seems to confirm this. From November 26-30, they will be hosting "LAST 5DAYS FES," during which attendees of the batting center and adjoining game corner will be able to get deep discounts on batting cage rental, low-priced games, and free gifts.


Only the pachinko parlors will remain in this part of Tanashi Family Land, which also includes a golf range and a restaurant.


Source: Otakomu.jp




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