"Your Name" Location Inspiration Hida City Gets Huge Tourism Boost

Huge anime makes for huge profits for Japanese City.

Itamori, the town featured in Your Name, is fictional, but it pulls a ton of inspiration from real-life locations. Hida City, one of the inspirations for Itamori, is leveraging that to bring in the money.


Hida City has begun offering "Your Name pilgrimage tours" that take fans around town to venues and locations that inspired Your Name's Itamori. The local Watanabe Shouzou-ten brewery also brewed 3,000 containers of Kuchikamizake, a type of blessed sake that played a role in Your Name's story. The bottles sold-out almost immediately.


All told, Hida City has taken in an extra 18.5 billion yen ($163.5 million USD) this year from the surge in tourism.



[via RocketNews24]


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