New "Baki" TV Anime To Resume Search Of Our Strongest Hero

Martial arts manga is celebrating 25th anniversary

Keisuke Itagaki's 25-year-old martial arts series Baki will be celebrating its anniversary next month with an OAD shipping with volume 14 of the latest run on December 6th. This will be adapting the Prisoners Saga (Saikyou Shikeishu-hen/The Deadliest Condemned Criminals arc) in the manga's second installment Baki (1995-2005) rather than the ongoing fourth installment Baki-Dou (2014-). 


But, that's not all. An early look an announcement has revealed plans to bring the story to a new TV anime.


The series started with Baki the Gappler, which ran 42 volumes starting in 1991. Then, Baki ("New Grappler Baki: In Search of Our Strongest Hero") ran 31 volumes starting in 1999, followed by Baki Hanma ("Baki: Son of Ogre"), which ran 37 volumes starting in 2005, and now,  Baki-Dou (Baki: The Way), which started in March, 2014.


This saga was from the beginning of the second installment, featuring five condemned criminals who escape from the prison and gather in Tokyo to fight against the fighters of the underground martial arts tournament including its champion Baki. 


Gutsoon's Raijin Comics serialized the manga in North America, and Funimation released the 2001 TV anime. Central Park Media released the 1994 OVA.




OAD promo 




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