Upcoming "Yuyushiki" OVA Gets Release Date and a Few Hints

A continuation of the slice-of-life anime comes to DVD and BD this February.

Yuyushiki isn't over yet -- as was announced earlier in the year, there's a special coming in 2017. Now we have a bit more information about it, including some news on related CDs coming out at the same time.



Based on the 4koma of the same name by Komata Mikami, Yuyushiki follows three friends -- the childish Yuzuko, the shy Yui, and the ditzy Yukari -- who join their school's data processing club. The anime ran for 12 episodes.


The OVA, which will be coming out on DVD and BD on February 22, will apparently serve as a thirteenth episode for the show, covering the girls' time from the end of summer into fall. Apparently, fans of the original manga will be especially interested in this episode in a "They did that one??" sort of way.



In addition to the BD/DVD release, a CD single of the OP/ED will go on sale on February 8, and a character song album also tied to the OVA will be released on March 24.


Megami Magazine's January issue will feature an interview with series director Kaori telling fans more about the upcoming release.


Source: Otakomu.jp




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