"Girlish Number" Adds New Aspiring Voice Actress to Its Ranks

Episode 9 will introduce rookie voice actress voiced by an AKB48 graduate.

A new aspiring actress is about to join the Girlish Number team... and you'll be meeting her very soon.



The new girl, named Nanami Sakuragaoka, will be appearing as of episode 9, voiced by AKB48 graduate Amina Sato. And if you're thinking you've seen her before, you have -- she was in the crowd during episode 4's live show.



Nanami is described as being an aspiring voice actress and major fan of Chitose's. According to series creator Wataru Watari, "With the appearance of the angelic Nanami, our 'Girlish Number' has finally begun."


Be ready to meet Nanami when she appears in Girlish Number episode 9.


Source: Otakomu.jp




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