"Getter Robo High" Will School You with Mahjong and Getter Rays

Upcoming manga series combines mahjong and Go Nagai's famous combining robot.

Move over, Saki, because there's a new mahjong champ in town -- and she's got a giant robot on her side.



Getter Robot High ("Getter Robo Pai," or "Getter Robo Tile," in Japanese) is an upcoming manga project that promises to combine the worlds of Getter Robo and high school mahjong. How? We're not entirely sure yet. All we have to go on visually is the hot-blooded young woman in this image, who looks about ready to rocket punch a tile across the table.


The announcement appeared in the January 1 issue of Kindai Mahjong magazine, which was released today. Kindai Mahjong is a semi-monthly manga anthology that, unsurprisingly, runs solely mahjong-related manga (including, notably, The Legend of Koizumi and a mahjong-centric spinoff of Higurashi When They Cry).


Information on the spinoff manga is limited. The announcement gave us this: "Getter Rays!? The Empire of Atlantis!? High Beasts!? All of these mysteries will be unraveled through majhong!!!!!!!"



There have been several retellings of Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa's Getter Robo series, but this appears to be going into completely new territory.


Find out the secret of Getter Rays and who knows what else when Getter Robo High premieres in the January 15 issue of Kindai Mahjong, available December 15.


Source: Natalie.mu




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