Toast Sengoku-Style with "Inuyasha" Sake

Japanese sake brewery collaborates with Rumiko Takahashi to created "Inuyasha"-themed sake.

Have you ever sat down to a bottle of sake and wished it were just a little more... Inuyasha-y? You're not the only one, apparently.



Fujinoi Sake Brewery is teaming up with manga artist Rumiko Takahashi to release a special sake emblazoned with the image of the half-demon-dog on the label. In particular, it's a Junmai Ginjo -- one of the finest types of sake in the world, a pure rice wine with at least 40% of each rice grain's outer layer milled away.


The brewery is also offering up three clear acrylic sake cups featuring the series logo and art of Inuyasha, Shippo, and Kagome, as well as a wrapping cloth with art of Inuyasha and Kagome.





This isn't the first time Fujio has collaborated with Takahashi. The manga artist and the brewery share a home town (Niigata), and earlier this year Takahashi worked with Fujio to create seasonal Maison Ikkoku labels and theming for four of their award winning rice wines.






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