"Fate/Grand Order" Anime Special Showcased In New Preview

December 31st broadcast planned

Today's webcast and roll-out of hype for new smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order also featured a preview of its adaptation. This starts with Fate/Grand Order ‐First Order-, a feature length TV anime special coming for the end of the 2016. Specifically, it will be broadcast December 31st.



Hitoshi Nanba (Go Sick, Heroman) directs the Lay-duce (Classroom Crisis) production with Takuro Tsukada (Chaika) assisting.


Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi are credited with original story and character designs.

Yatterman Night's Keisuke Goto does the anime character designs with Ayumi Sekine (makuranodanshi) on scripts. Maaya Sakamoto's "Color" is the theme.


Action starts in 2015 where the Chaldea Security Organization work to prevent the extinction of humanity, starting with the Grail War in the Japanese city of Fuyuki during 2004.


Cast includes

Ritsuka Fujimaru - Nobunaga Shimazaki


Mashu Kirieraito  - Rie Takahashi


Fou - Ayako Kawasumi


Olga Marie Animusphere -  Madoka Yonezawa

(game art)

Romani Archaman - Kenichi Suzumura

(game art)

Lev Lainur Flauros - Tomokazu Sugita

(game art)




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