Meet The New Servants Of "Fate/Grand Order" Babylon Chapter

Long awaited design from Black Lagoon author Rei Hiroe, first announced back with the game itself finally makes an appearance

The Fate/Grand Order smartphone RPG, first released in summer 2015, is now up to its seventh and final Grail War, taking the fight to 2655BC Babylon after fighting through 2005 Fuyuki, 0060 Rome, 1573 Okeanos, 1888 London, 1783 America, and 1273 Camelot. This means new servants, including the long awaited design from Black Lagoon author Rei Hiroe, first announced back with the game itself. 


5★ Lancer Enkidu - illustrated by Shizuki Morii and voiced by Yuu Kobayashi


4★Lancer Medusa. Illustrated by BLACK and voiced by Yu Asakawa



4★ Caster Gilgamesh. Illustrated by Ginka and voiced by Seki Tomokazu


Anding from clearing chapter...


3★ Lancer Jaguar Man (aka Taiga Fujimura) illustrated by Aotsuki Takao and voiced by Miki Itou


5★ Rider Quetzalcoatl 0 illustrated by Rei Hiroe and Illustrated by Aya Endou



4★ Avenger Gorgon, illustratted by Simosi and vocied by Yu Asakaswa


Support NPC 5★ Caster Merlin illustrated by Taiki, voiced by Takahiro Sakurai


5★ Assassin Support NPC King Hasasn, illustrate by Ryota-H and voiced by Jouji Nakata


5★ Beast Tiamat (final boss) - illustrated by Kotetsu Yamanaka and voiced by Aoi Yuuki



Craft Essances

Demonic Bodhisattva - illustrated by I-IV


Room Guarder - illustrated by Shimadoriru and featuring Fate/Extra's Jinako Karigiri


via Fate/Grand Order Wiki


Miracle Investigator - art by Shimadoriru and featuring Monji Gatou





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