ClariS' 4th Album "Fairy Castle" Set for January 25, 2017 Release

Their first Budokan concert will be held on February 10, 2017

The official website for two-member anison vocal unit ClariS has announced that their 4th album "Fairy Castle" is set for a release in Japan on January 25, 2017 and the two re-recorded the three theme songs of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime franchise, "Connect" (2nd single/TV anime OP), "Luminous" (6th single/the 1st film Beginnings theme song) and "Colorful" (8th single/3rd film Rebellion OP) as the "2017 Version" for its two limited editions.


In addition to the three bonus songs, the 5,500-yen perfect limited production edition will come with a B3-size character illustration book, and the 4,000 yen first press limited edition will have a Blu-ray disc containing their recent six music videos for "border," "Anemone," "Hirahira Hirara," "Gravity," "clever," and "again."  


This is their first album featuring Karen, who joined the unit in November 2014 after one of the original members,

Alice left the unit to concentrate on studying. 



"Fairy Castle" song list:

1. "again" (15th single/AKIBA's BEAT theme song)

2. "border" (11th single/Tsukimonogatari ED)

3. "Hologram"

4. "Prism" (13th single/Little Twin Stars 40th anniversary song)

5. "clever" (collaboration single with GARNiDELiA/Qualidea Code 3rd ED) 

6. "Mizuiro Kurage" (Sky Blue Jellyfish)

7. "Kono i wa Kyosuu" (This i is an imaginary number)

8. "Anemone" (12th single/Classroom☆Crisis ED)

9. "Usotsuki" (Liar)

10. "Gravity" (14th single/Qualidea Code 1st ED)


12. "Hirahira Hirara" 



Perfect Limited Production Edition/First press limited edition CD jacket


Character illustration book


Regular edition



Current artsit illustration



Source: ClariS official website


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