Netflix Nabs "Cyborg 009 Call of Justice" 3DCG Theatrical Films

Streaming network will begin distributing the 3-part theatrical film beginning in the Spring season of 2017

Netflix has announced the acquisition of exclusive, world-wide digital distribution rights for Cyborg 009 Call of Justice, a 3-part 3DCG theatrical film series based on the cybernetic superheroes created by legendary manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori.



Cyborg 009 Call of Justice is directed by Kenij Kamiyama and Kohdai Kakimoto and features animation by SIGNAL.MD and OLM Digital, Inc.. The films feature an original story in which the 00 Cyborgs face off against a new enemy, a mysterious organization of psychics known as "Blessed".

Netflix Japan will be distributing Cyborg 009 Call of Justice in the Spring Season of 2017, with other territories to follow at a later date. The 3 films will be divided into a 12 episode series for distribution.



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Official Cyborg 009 Call of Justice home page


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