Watch ZAQ Performs "Trinity Seven" Feature Film Theme Song in MV

13th single "Last Proof" will be released on January 25, 2017

Avex has posted a 100-second short MV for 28-year-old singer ZAQ's 13th single "Last Proof" to be released on January 25, 2017, on its official YouTube channel. The song was performed for the first time in public at the Anime JAM 2016 event's second day on December 11, and will be featured as the theme song for the upcoming film Trinity Seven: The Movie -Eternal Library & Alchemic Girl- to be screened at 16 theaters in Japan from February 25, 2017. Previously, her 7th single song "Seven Doors" was used as the OP theme for the Trinity Seven TV anime series aired in 2014. 


"Last Proof" short MV



CD jacket


ZAQ and her ZAQ JAPAN band


Photos from Anime JAM 





"Trinity Seven: The Movie -Eternal Library & Alchemic Girl-" teaser trailer


 Source: "Trinity Seven The Movie" official website, Twitter


© Kenji Saito, Akinari Nao/KADOKAWA/Movie Trinity Seven Production Committee


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