"Kemono Friends" Casts Feline Maids and Leather-Clad Hippo

TV anime based on Nexon's "Zoo RPG" smart phone game begins broadcast on January 10, 2017

Three more Animal Girls have joined the cast of Kemono Friends, an upcoming TV anime based on the "Zoo RPG" smart phone game by Nexon. The new cast additions include:



Miyuhan as Sunaneko ("Sand Cat").



Mami Yamashita as Margay. 



And Haruka Terui as Kaba ("Hippopotamus").



Kemono Friends is directed by Tatsuki and features animation by YAOYOROZU. The story is set in Japari Park, where Animal Girls and humans co-exist happily. One day, a lost child wanders into the park and embarks on a grand adventure with the Animal Girls.


Kemono Friends will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, and AT-X beginning on January 10, 2017.




Official Kemono Friends TV anime home page


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