Millennial Angst Finds A Home Town In First "Sakura Quest" Anime Teaser Preview

(K)NoW_NAME (Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash) are on the theme for this next entry in PA Works' working omnibus

From the studio and anime character designer that brought you Shirobako... From the original artist that brought you designs for Yuki Yuna (and, if the well-founded double-pseudonym speculation conjecture is correct, Sword Art Online)... from the screenwriter who brought you the Re:Zero anime... comes spring 2017's Sakura Quest TV anime.


A first teaser preview has now been posted along with cast and theme song information.



(K)NoW_NAME (Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash) are on the theme for this next entry in PA Works' working omnibus (previously including Hanasaku Iroha and Shirobako)


(K)NoW_NAME members:



  Ayaka Tachinbana, NIKIIE, AIJ

 [Music Creators]

  R.O.N, Makoto Miyazaki, Shuhei Mutsuki, Kohei by SIMONSAYZ, eNu, Genki Mizuno





Previously announced staff for Sakura Quest includes:



The cast for Sakura Quest includes:



Ayaka Nanase as Yoshino Koharu, the protagonist of the show. Yoshino dislikes the countryside and yearns to live in the big city. She moved to Tokyo to try to accomplish "something special", but she failed at her job hunt and ended up finding employment as a tourism ambassador for the town of Manoyama. Serious-minded but friendly and affable, Yoshino is a normal young lady who has a bit of a complex about being so normal.



Reina Ueda as Shiori Shinomiya, a member of the Manoyama tourism association who works with Yoshino. Shiori loves small town living and is very traditional and family-oriented. She has a positive personality and is very skilled at domestic work.



Chika Anzai as Maki Midorikawa, a resident of Manoyama who returned to her hometown after her dream of becoming an actress in Tokyo fell through. Although Maki belonged to a small theater company, she had to take numerous part time jobs to make ends meet. Maki has a cool, "elder sister"-ly personality.



Chiemi Tanaka as Ririko Oribe, a young lady who doesn't like living in Manoyama, but can't muster up the courage to move elsewhere. Although Ririko successfully graduated from high school, she has been unable to find a job and so she spends most of her time staying at home and surfing the Internet. Ririko has trouble communicating with other people, and her only friend is Shiori Shinomiya, whom she has known since childhood.



And Mikako Komatsu as Sanae Kouzuki, a woman who was born and raised in Tokyo, but who moved to Manoyama about half a year before Yoshino arrived. Sanae is very insecure about how other people perceive her. Sanae graduated from college and went to work for an IT company, but she couldn't stand the lifestyle, and so she fled to the countryside where she rents a home and does web-design work.




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