The Inescapable "Tomie" Will Haunt Bookshelves Starting Next Week

Viz's deluxe edition of the Junji Ito classic is now available for preorder.

Junji Ito's original bad penny, Tomie, is just a week away from becoming a part of your life -- no use escaping. You might as well just preorder.



Who or what is the mysterious Tomie? For all the men around her know, she's a beautiful woman with a distinctive beauty mark below her left eye. She can drive men into jealous rages, causing them to murder others -- including her. But somehow, she keeps coming back over and over to spread her curse anew.


Viz's 752-page deluxe edition contains the complete manga series in one hardcover book. It's available to preorder now for $34.99 (price may vary depending on retailer), with a street date of December 20.


Lovers of Ito's terrifying, macabre stories can also pick up his Fragments of Horror collection from Viz.





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