The Cast of "Kemono Friends" Anime Appear in Animal Costumes!

TV series starts on Jan/10



The anime is set in a super massive zoo called Javari Park that is built somewhere in this world. The animals in the zoo are living in human form (referred to as animal girls) thanks to the power from the mystical material called Sand Star.


Despite being tagged as anthropomorphism anime, this full 3D graphics-featured anime series will incorporate some interesting animal-related trivia according to their real-life behaviors. The character designer is Mine Yoshizaki who is best known for the manga Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog). The very first episode will mainly illustrate the beautiful nature and the encounter between the lost girl, Kaban and the energetic Serval.


The anime will simulcast on Crunchyroll shortly after its broadcast in Japan so, you can enjoy the anime without having to wait.


During the event, the main cast members were dressed in costumes of the animals that each of them plays. Here is the awesome lineup of the voice cast that showed up on stage:


Aya Uchida: Kaban
Yuka Ozaki: Serval
Kana Motomiya: Fennec
Saki Ono: Racoon
Mikoi Sasaki: Royal Penguin
Ruka Nemoto: Emperor Penguin
Kyoka Tamura: Gentoo Penguin
Aina Aiba: Rockhopper Penguin
Yukiko Chikuda: Humboldt Penguin




The voice cast shared a few comments for all the overseas fans.

Aya Uchida
‘It’s really fun to watch the way the animals move. I’m sure you will also enjoy Kaban’s great adventure.’

Saki Ono
‘I wonder if you have your favorite animals in each country. I’d like to know that!’

Kyoka Tamura
‘There are also many animals living outside Japan. Please go visit the zoo and enjoy watching them in person.’

Aina Aiba
‘I’d like to show rockhopper penguin’s Rock aspect to the world! We have a wide variety of animals in each country. Please find your favorite animal girls based on the animals you like, the animals living around you and the animals you have recently learned about!’


Kemono Friends TV Anime

To be broadcast from January 10, 2017



Via Manga Tokyo

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