Ayame Goriki Shows Her Cosplay as EVA-01 in TV Drama "Rental no Koi"

Akihiko Watase (Death Cash)-directed series will premiere on January 18, 2017

TBS has opened the official website for its upcoming 30-minute TV drama series Rental no Koi/Rental Love and posted a photo and a 15-second preview introducing its 24-year-old lead actress Ayame Goriki cosplaying as EVA-01 from the Evangelion franchise in its first episode. The Akihiko Watase (Death Cash)-directed series is set to premiere on January 18, 2017. While working as a fashion model mainly, she is also known for her portray as Jun Ohtsuki in Gatchaman (2013) and Shiori Genpo (Kiyoharu) in Black Butler (2014).


In the story, Goriki plays Remi Takasugi, who is the most popular girl at "Rental Lovers" which offers the customer's ideal girlfriend for dates (any sexual service is prohibited). To fulfill the customer's request, she shows different cosplays in each episode. The first episode's cosplay is EVA-01, and according to the trailer, it costs 138,000 yen (about 1,175 US dollars) for the five-hour rental.







via: Cinema Today


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