Newest Akina Nakamori Cover Album Includes an "Evangelion" Tune

Analog version of new cover album drops this week.

Japanese singer Akina Nakamori was big news when she debuted in the 80s, and has the distinction of being one of the few Japanese music artists to have Top Ten albums in the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Lately, she's been on a cover kick -- last month's new release, Belie, marks her ninth solely cover album -- and she'll be bringing back a song familiar to just about all anime fans: "Cruel Angel's Thesis" from Evangelion.

The complete tracklist, seen below, also includes songs from Porno Graffitti and T.M.Revolution:


  1. Saudade (Porno Graffitti)
  2. Yashashiku Naritai (Kazuyoushi Saito)
  3. WHITE BREATH (T.M.Revolution)
  4. A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Yoko Takahashi)
  6. Shanikusai (Momoe Yamaguchi)
  7. Suteki na Koe no Wasurekata (Hiroko Yakushimaru)
  8. Mou Hitotsu no Doyoubi (Shogo Hamada)
  9. One more time, One more chance (Masayoshi Yamazaki)
  10. Tashika no Koto (Kazumasa Oda)


This week, the analog version of the album was released under the title Belie + Vampire, with the Vampire addition consisting of six extra songs:


Side A

  1. Dounimo Tomaranai (Linda Yamamoto)
  2. Aa Mujou (Ann Lewis)
  3. Yado Nashi (Twist)

Side B

  1. Sexual Violet No.1 (Masahiro Kuwana)
  2. Dancing All Night (Monda&Brothers)
  3. Kizetsu Suru Hodo Nayamashii (Char)


Check out the trailer for the album below:



Source: Arama! Japan




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