Ryohei Suzuki Catches Crooks in "Inspector Zenigata" TV Drama

Live-action spin-off focusing on Lupin III's nemesis will air on NTV, WOWOW, and Hulu Japan

Actor Ryohei Suzuki (Takeo Goda in the live-action MY love STORY!! film) will be starring as ally of justice Koichi Zenigata in Inspector Zenigata, an upcoming live-action TV drama that blurs the boundaries between terrestrial, satellite, and digital broadcasting in Japan.



Based on the character created by Monkey Punch for the Lupin III manga and anime, Inspector Zenigata will air primarily on Nippon TV. It will also broadcast on Hulu Japan and on the satellite network WOWOW. Each outlet will have unique "case file" story episodes for the series, so that viewers can enjoy a different viewing experience on their preferred platform.



Inspector Zenigata is directed by Taro Otani and Hiroshi Iwamoto, and the series also stars Atsuko Maeda and Takahiro Miura. Inspector Zenigata begins broadcasting on Nippon TV and Hulu Japan on February 10, 2017, and on WOWOW on February 19, 2017.



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