New TYPE-MOON RACING Figure Features Saber Cheering You On

"Fate/Stay Night" race queen comes armed with "Excaliparasol."

Saber is doing it up race queen style in her latest figure from Stronger -- Artoria is still flaunting her trademark blue and white, but now it's in the form of an "umbrella girl" costume.



The 1/7 scale figure, based on an original drawing by TYPE-MOON founder Takashi Takeuchi, stands approximately 24cm tall from the soles of her thigh-high boots to the tip of her ahoge. comes equipped with an "Excaliparasol" -- a parasol that looks suspiciously like her sword of choice. She comes pre-painted, sculpted by Musasabi YU-ko (whose previous work includes a lingerie-clad Saber Lily).

Saber is available for preorder for 12,800 yen (about $110.03) from AmiAmi, and is expected to ship out in August 2017. There is a limit of three figures per customer.


Source: AmiAmi




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