Underarm Hair-themed Anime Film "Complex x Complex" Hits Theaters February 2017

24-minute short won the Grand Prix in the 8th Shimokitazawa Film Festival

A 24-minute short FLASH anime film Complex x Complex produced by Tokyo-based film production group Panpokopina will get theatrical screenings at the Shimokitazawa Tollywood theater in Tokyo from February 4 for a limited time of two weeks. The story follows the protagonist girl Yui Kotani, a second-year junior high school student who is obsessed with men's underarm hair, and the relationship with her male classmate Masato Takeo who has the thickest underarm hair in the class.


The 29-year-old independent film creator Miyuki Fukuda-written/directed film has already received various film awards as below:


The 8th Shimokitazawa Film Festival (Grand Prix)

Skip City International Film Festival 2016 (Anime Section Grand Prix, Audience Popularity Poll No.1)

The 19th Ozu Yasujiro Memorial/Tateshina Kougen Film Festival

 (Anime Section Grand Prix, Special Recognition Award for Yasue Hayashi)

Kisssh-Kissssssh Film festival 2016 (Anime Section Grand Prix)

The 36th TOKYO Tsukiichi feilm Festival (Grand Prix)

The 2nd Awara Yikemuri Art Festival (Special Recognition Award)

Nasu Short Film Festival 2016 (Nasu Film Commission Award)

West Tokyo Film Festival 2016 (Best Anime Award)






Flyer visuals




Main Voice Cast:


Yui Kotani: Kanae Hayashi (Tipi in Kulipari: An Army of Frogs)

Masato Takeo: Seigo Agatsuma (Takuto Hasegawa in the Chihayafuru live-action films)

Fumi Nakamura: Fuuka Haruna (Pokomi Akagawa in Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan)

Yui's mother: Mina Hiroe (Mizuki Okajima in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Yui's father: Naoto Takeda (Koumei in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life)

Mai Kotani (Yui's older sister): Haruka Yamaguchi

Teacher: Masataka Okada



Source: "Complex x Complex" official website, Twitter


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