Mecha Anime "Fafner in the Azure: THE BEYOND" Publishes Teaser PV

New project was originally announced at birthday celebration for Sōshi Minashiro on December 29, 2016


Originally screened as part of a special event celebrating the birthday of the character Sōshi Minashiro on December 29, 2016, a teaser preview video for the upcoming mecha anime Fafner in the Azure: THE BEYOND is now available online.



The video recaps the major events of the previous Fafner anime series and hints at things still to come.


No further details about the new Fafner anime project (such as the cast, the staff, the format, and the release date) have yet been released, although the video does include information about the cast and staff of the previous Fafner anime, Fafner Exodus, which suggests the new project will be another direct sequel.


Source: Ota-suke


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