Norio Wakamoto is a Talking Heart in Poifull Jellybean Promotion

People who use the "secret password" on special website will find a video wishing them luck in love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and Japanese food and dairy company Meiji is gearing up to spread the love with a little help from their Poifull jellybeans and a heart-shaped puppet voiced by Norio Wakamoto.



The promotion was inspired by an Internet rumor, which stated that if a young lady finds a heart-shaped jellybean in a package of Poifull candies, she will be lucky in love. To support these love-seekers (and sell more candy), Meiji will be releasing limited edition packages of Poifull jellybeans that are guaranteed to have at least one heart-shaped candy beginning on January 10, 2017.



The packaging for these limited edition candies comes in blue and pink versions which can be combined to form 9 different expressions for Poifull Heart-san, the official mascot for the promotion.



Finally, a special "hint video" (featuring Norio Wakamoto playing all of the voice roles, including Poifull Heart-san) directs visitors to enter the "secret password" at the official promotional website in order to access a "lucky screenshot video" wishing visitors luck in love.


(The secret password is "恋フルポイフルハートのポイフル".) 


Source: Anime! Anime!


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