"Mugenbine" Collectible Toy Line Re-Issues Egyptian Mythology Series

Collect all five to make Mugen Pharaoh.

Japan's Mugenbine series was the successor to Machine Robo, offering collectible transforming mecha that could be combined into one larger unit. The difference between Mugenbine and other transforming/combining robot toys, though, is that there's scope for the collector to create combinations of their own outside the "official" combinations.


The Mugenbine series lived on in toy prizes, and a re-issue of some of the classic figures has begun. Coming up this month, fans can collect units for 400 yen apiece to create their own new and improved Mugen Pharaoh.



The figures have all been cast from the original 2008 Mugen Five God Beast molds, but received new paint jobs, detailing, and stickers this time around. The full-sized Mugen Pharaoh, which stands approximately 19cm tall, is assembled by combining the central robot, Anubis, with Sphinx, Ra, Scorpion, and Sobek.



Starting on the 17th, the new versions will be sold at supermarkets and convenience stores. A complete set can be purchased on AmiAmi for 3,360 yen.


Bandai has said that next on their list of re-releases is the Holy Beasts of the Sword line, an Arthurian-inspired set that combines into Mugen Arthur.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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