Manga Creation Teams Can Now Take Aim at the "Takao Saito Award"

New industry award named after "Golgo 13" creator will honor adult manga created through a division of labor

In order to recognize the group efforts of grown-up comics created via a division of labor, Saito Production is sponsoring a new manga industry award called the "Takao Saito Award", which is named after the creator of Golgo 13, one of the longest-running manga still in serialization.



To be eligible for the inaugural 2017 award, submissions must have been published between September of 2014 - August of 2017, and all of the contributors (writers, artists, and editors) must be clearly credited. Submissions will be open from July - August of 2017, with the winners decided in December of 2017 and then announced at a special ceremony in January of 2018, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Golgo 13. Only works aimed at audiences of adult men and adult women will be considered for the awards.



The winners of the "Takao Saito Award" will be determined by a panel of judges made up of manga professionals who work under a division of labor system, including Takao Saito, Jūzō Yamasaki, and Ryoichi Ikegami. The winning author, editor, and artist will receive a Golgo 13-themed trophy and a prize of 500,000 yen ($4392.64 US).


Source: Net Lab


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