RADWIMPS' "Your Name." Theme Song English Editions Now Available Digitally

Funimation will release the mega hit film in the US and Canada on April 7

Prior to the film's North American release, the English-language versions of the four theme and insert songs for Makoto Shinkai's Kimi no Na wa./Your Name., newly recorded by the original performer RADWIMPS, have been available on iTunes, Recochoku, and other major Japanese online stores since January 27. The CD including the four songs will be also released on February 22.


Funimation Films will release the 106-minute film with English audio or English subtitles in theaters in the United States and Canada on April 7. Also selected 18 theaters in Japan will screen the English-subtitled edition featuring the English-language songs from January 28 for a limited time of two weeks.



"Zenzenzense English edition" preview



"Zenzenzense (movie ver.)" 


"Sparkle (original ver.)"


Artist photo


CD jacket image


CD track list:

1. "Dream lantern" (English ver.)

2. "Zenzenzense" (English ver.)

3. "Sparkle" (English ver.)

4. "Nandemonaiya" (English ver.)



Source: Universal Music press release


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