Five More Voices Join Cast of "Dragon Dentist" TV Anime

Studio Khara's first TV release welcomes actors from "Code Geass," "Demon Prince Enma," and more.

Fans are hotly awaiting the return of The Dragon Dentist, the stunning anime short that's about to become a two-part Studio Khara project. And less than a month out, the cast list continues to grow. The most recent announcement lists five more voice actors and characters joining the cast:


Kaori Nazuka (Nunnally, Code Geass) as Kanne Arisugawa

Yukitoshi Tokumoto (Enma, Demon Prince Enma) as Shuzo Sato

Wataru Takagi (Genta Kojima, Detective Conan) as Tomonaga Iemura


Kenjiro Tsuda (Salt, Flip Flappers) as Guilleri

Takahiro Sakurai (Griffith, Berserk 2016) as Ozawa

The Dragon Dentist will air in two parts -- February 18 and 25 -- with an international version to be streamed online in March.


Source: @khara_inc




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