"Mahojin Guru Guru" 3rd TV Anime Teaser Visual Introduces 2017 Version Nike and Kukuri

Check the photos from the manga author's autograph session on February 5

The official Twitter of Hiroyuki Eto's fantasy gag manga series Mahojin Guru Guru (Magical Circle Guru Guru) today posted a teaser visual featuring the two protagonist characters, Nike and Kukuri, for the upcoming third TV anime adaptation. The visual was also revealed on the latest March 2017 issue of Monthly Shonen Gangan released today in Japan. Since 1992, the series has printed over 14 million copies in Japan. 



It was also announced that, in addition to the previously revealed two main voice cast, Shizuka Ishigami

as Nike and Konomi Kohara as Kukuri, the yet-announced cast for Juju and Kita Kita Oyaji will join the stage

for the anime in the upcoming Anime Japan 2017 event. The stage will be held at the "Blue Stage" section

at 10:05 om March 25. More information on the new anime are expected to be revealed there.


Shizuka Ishigami and Konomi Kohara




The manga's sequel series Mahojin Guru Guru 2 has been serialized on Gangan Online since November

2012, and its newest 7th tankobon volume was released on January 21. To promote the release, the manga

author Eto held his autograph session for the fans at the Yurindo Yodobashi Akiba store on February 5.







Source: "Mahojin Guruguru" official Twitter


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