"Renai Boukun" Releases All the Juicy Details for Valentine's Day

Main staff, cast, and a new key visual revealed for upcoming TV anime based on comedy manga by Megane Mihoshi

The official website for Renai Boukun, aka The very lovely tyrant of love, has updated with tons of juicy new info including the main cast, the main staff, and a new key visual for the upcoming TV anime based on Megane Mihoshi's humorous manga about a half-Angel / half-Devil / all-trouble Cupid who plays matchmaker with her magical "Kiss Note" book.



The main staff for Renai Boukun includes:


  • Original work: Megane Mihoshi (published in Holp Shupan's Comic Meteor)
  • Director: Atsushi Nigorikawa
  • Series composition: Natsuko Takahashi
  • Character design: Mariko Ito
  • Chief animation director: Miyako Yatsu, Jun'ichi Kitamura
  • Art setting: Mayuko Koyama, Hiroki Matsumoto
  • Art director: Hiroki Matsumoto, Akiko Kikuchi
  • Color design: Mika Iwami
  • Music: MONACA
  • Music production: DIVEⅡentertainment
  • Sound director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Sound production: HALF H・P STUDIO
  • Editor: Yūji Kondō (REAL-T)
  • Director of photography: Atsushi Iwasaki
  • Photography: T2studio
  • Animation production: EMT Squared


The main cast for Renai Boukun includes:



Yoshino Aoyama as Guri.



Kenshō Ono as Seiji Aino.



Manami Numakura as Akane Hiyama.



Yuki Nagano as Yuzu Kichougasaki.



And Yumi Hara as Shikimi Shiramine. 



The story of Renai Boukun follows Guri, a half-Angel / half-Devil being who plays the role of Cupid with a magical book called a "Kiss Note" that causes couples to fall in love if they kiss after their names are written within its pages. Guri accidentally falls in love with one of her targets, an ordinary high school student named Seiji Aino whose normal life is thrown into chaos due to Guri's meddling.


Renai Boukun will debut on TV Tokyo and BS Japan in April of 2017.





Official Renai Boukun TV anime home page


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