"A Silent Voice" Preps for Hong Kong Release with English Subtitled Trailer

Award-winning film to premiere in Hong Kong on April 6.

Kyoto Animation's film A Silent Voice, based on the manga of the same name, has been garnering attention across Japan and around the world. And with a Hong Kong release imminent, English-speakers can now see an English/Chinese dual-subbed trailer for the hit film.



The story follows Shoya Ishida, a former grade-school delinquent set on reforming when he gets to high school -- which includes making amends with the target of his bullying, the deaf Shoko Nishimiya. The film stars Miyu Irino and Saori Hayami as Ishida and Nishimida, respectively.


A Silent Voice won the honor of Excellent Animation of the Year at the 40th Japan Academy Price (with a pending nomination for Best Animation of the Year), and was nominated for Best Animated Film at the 71st Mainichi Film Awards. It opens in Hong Kong on April 6.


Source: WTK




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