Research: Japanese Anime Fans Pick Their Favorite "Swimsuit" Episodes

The theme for the next questionnaire is "hot spring"

The largest Japanese mobile phone operator NTT Docomo held an online survey asking the users of its anime streaming service dAnime Store to pick their favorite anime episode (or title) featuring the characters' swimsuit scenes between January 20 and 27. Check the choices by the boys and girls below. Is your favorite episode in the list?



TOP 10 for Boys


1. "Sword Art Online Extra Edition" (December 2013)

(C) Reki Kawahara/Ascii Media Works/SAO Project



2. "Infinite Stratos" 9th episode (March 2011)

3. "Amagami SS" 13th to 16th episodes (Ai Nanasaki arc/September-October 2010)

4. "Hyouka" 11.5th episode (OVA/January 2013)

5. "A Certain Scientific Railgun" 13th episode (December 2009)  

6. "Is The Order A Rabbit?" 8th episode (May 2014)

7. "Amagi Brilliant Park" 3rd and 7th episodes (October and November 2014)

8. "Gun x Sword" 17th episode (October 2005)

9. "School-Live!" 9th episode (September 2015) 

10. "The [email protected]" 5th episode (August 2011)




Top 10 for Girls


1. "Free!" & "Free! - Eternal Summer -" all episodes (July-September 2013, July-September 2014)

©Ohji Kouji/Kyoto Animation/Iwatobi High School Swimming Club ES


2. "Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru" 7th episode (November 2016)

3. "Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Revolution" 2nd episode (April 2015) 

4. "Ouran High School Host Club" 8th episode (May 2006) 

5. "Sword Art Online Extra Edition" (December 2013) 

6. "Love Live!" 10th episode (March 2013)

7. "B-Project" 8th episode (May 2016)

8. "Yuri!!! On ICE" 10th episode (December 2016)

9. "Another" 8th episode (February 2012)

10. "Kiss Him, Not Me" 9th episode (December 2016)




Source: NTT Docomo press release 


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