SoftBank's Pepper Robots To Help Bust Shoplifters

Bevy of new programming features includes multi-language tour guide functions, health check, robo-snitching

Pepper, a model of companionship robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics and SoftBank, will soon be updating its programming with a brand new suite of features that include such functions as providing multi-lingual tour advice, administering health checks...and ratting out potential shoplifters to the store management.



The anti-shoplifting feature will make use of Pepper's built-in cameras and facial recognition software, which will compare customers' faces against a database of known criminal offenders. If a match is made, Pepper is programmed to contact the store administrator. Yes, folks, we'll soon live in a future equipped with smiling robo-informants. We're all doomed.



Pepper's other new (and less sinister) features include being able to point out local tourist attractions in multiple languages and print maps via a wireless printer, being able to administer health checks and sign people up for in-store memberships, and being able to perform a broader range of interactions with customers (other than ratting them out).


Be good, people. Pepper is always watching.


Source: Yahoo! News Japan via Otakomu


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