"Metal Gear Solid" Movie Director Discusses Ratings, Pleasing Hardcore Fans, and More

Jordan Vogt-Roberts talks his passion for the series and how to do it right

With Hideo Kojima fully divorced from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, it can be easy to forget that a Hollywood movie adaptation is still floating around out there in development. Who knows if it will ever actually make its way to the screen, but director Jordan Vogt-Roberts had plenty to say about it in a recent interview with film site Collider


As far as what's going on with the movie right now, Vogt-Roberts said they're currently working on the script. More importantly, as a fan he's putting in a lot of effort to make sure it's done properly and not made into something it isn't. As for what makes MGS special:


"It’s so interesting because unlike a comic book that’s had 40 writers or 100 writers over the course of a decade or two decades or whatever, for decades now Metal Gear Solid has essentially had one voice. So you’re dealing with a highly, highly specific property that’s idiosyncratic to one persona and one person’s point of view and the way in which they interpret sort of culture and Western culture and twist that back around into this super pure amazing property that has a tone that I think is unlike anything else that is out there."



When asked about whether it would be R or PG-13, Vogt-Roberts acknowledged the success of recent films that went the route of the former, like Deadpool and Logan. On the other hand, he notes that the MGS series' hyper violence isn't necessarily its core, so it could go either way, and they're concentrating more on nailing the voice and philosophies of the characters. 


Beyond that, Vogt-Roberts is focused on making an adaptation that would make himself, Metal Gear Solid superfans, and your average person who isn't familiar with the franchise happy. 


"…Metal Gear is an important story, an important set of characters. So it just needs to be approached right now from how we nail that, and once we nail that then budget questions will happen, then those things will happen down the road, but right now I’m just working with incredible producers and trying to make a version that you or a Metal Gear megafan would be proud of and where people would be comfortable with that version to say, ‘I know this is different, I know this is not exactly the way a normal movie might go, but this is very Metal Gear’…"



There's way more at the original story, so definitely check out Collider's full article and video to see the passion Vogt-Roberts has for the series. Anything can happen, but it definitely sounds like it's in the right hands from a conceptual viewpoint. 



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