"BTOOOM! Online" Smart Phone Game Launches With Explosive Pledge

Game producer Masato Hayashi promises a 2nd anime season if the game sells well

Japanese game developers Asobimo have just launched service for BTOOOOM! Online, a smart phone game for Android and iOS that propels players into the explosive world of Junya Inoue's manga and TV anime, but the game itself isn't the only thing that has lit a fuse in the hearts of BTOOOM! fans.



At a special event hyping the launch of BTOOOM! Online that was held in Tokyo on February 27, 2017, game producer Masato Hayashi concluded the presentation with a tantalizing public promise: if BTOOOM! Online makes it into the top 5 domestic app sales ranking, a new season of the BTOOOM! TV anime will be greenlit.



BTOOOM! Online is a "stealth bomber action" game in which 6 to 8 players gather chips by collecting supply drops and slaying their opponents with specialized explosive devices known as "BIMs". Presently, the game features two arenas - an urban combat zone and the jungle prison. The game also features the voice talents of Suzuko Mimori, Haruka Terui, Sora Tokui, Tomokazu Sugita, Takehito Koyasu, and Ryōta Ōsaka.



BTOOOM! Online launches in Japan on February 28, 2017. The game uses a basic "free-to-play" model with in-game item purchases.




Official BTOOOM! Online home page


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