"Re:Zero" Gets New Prequel And "Konosuba" Crossover Short Stories

The magazine Comic Alive is doing its part for Re:Zero's big month of March

The magazine Comic Alive is doing its part for Re:Zero's big month of March. Tappei Nagatsuki and Shinichirou Otsuka are back with a new Wilhelm and Theresia van Astrea prequel, Love Ballad of Sword Ogre (or Sword Demon) - Their Later Tale - a follow up to a two-part Wedding Day Story. Also, Tappei Nagatsuki is continuing the Konosuba crossover with an 88-page supplement. Tappei Nagatsuki tells the story of Emilia in Konosuba's world, while Natsume Akatsuki writes the story of Rem making the trip.



The earlier Wedding Day story


Visual for new Konosuba crossovers


There's also a clean version of the cover for the 12th light novel, out on the 25th


And, the ninth and final anime Blu-ray was released at the end of February, featuring art looking ahead to Arc 5


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