What The.... The Time That "Kemono Friends" Crossed Over With "Ghost In the Shell"

Before Kemono Friends was an anime, it was a Nexon mobile game

Before Kemono Friends was an anime, it was a Nexon mobile game. Before it was an anime, the game shut down. Before the game shut down, it managed a collaboration with Ghost in the Shell (about then Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative Architecture was running as a lead into Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie).


Mine Yoshizaki, the Sgt. Frog author who designed the animal girls, gave the same treatment to three types of Tachikoma (Section 9 think tank, construction with grappling cable and optical camouflage), plus Logicoma as they vacation in Japari Park. It ran for three chapters of five stories, leading into a confrontation with a Cerulean possessed Tachikoma. They were was also a Major costume for the Kemono Friends between June 25th and March 9th 2015.



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