Chiaki Kuriyama Plays a Flustered Fujoshi Artist in Upcoming TV Special

One-shot TV episode is based on the autobiographical "BL-Mangaka Desukedo Kekkon Shitemo Iidesuka?" manga

Actress Chiaki Kuriyama (Kill Bill: Vol 1Battle Royale) is getting in touch with her fujoshi side in an upcoming TV special that is based on Haruki Fujimoto's BL-Mangaka Desukedo Kekkon Shitemo Iidesuka? ("It's Okay That I Get Married Even Though I'm a Boys' Love Manga Artist, Right?"), an autobiographical manga about the author looking for love as a 30-something creator of yaoi manga.



The TV special is entitled "Demo, Kekkon Shitai! ~ BL Mangaka no Kojirase Konkatsu-ki" ("But, I Want to Get Married! ~ A Boys' Love Manga Artist's Complicated Courtship Chronicles"), and in it Kuriyama stars as a frazzled manga artist who works under the pen name of Haruki Fujimoto. The TV special also stars Hinako Sano, Shingo Fujimori, Shinij Saito, Shuko Ito, and Jun Kaname.



The original BL-Mangaka Desukedo Kekkon Shitemo Iidesuka? was published in 2015 in Kaiousha's Gush Pochi manga magazine. The "Demo, Kekkon Shitai! ~ BL Mangaka no Kojirase Konkatsu-ki" TV special will broadcast on the Kansai Telecasting Corporation and the Fuji TV network at 10:00 PM JST on April 04, 2017.


Source: Comic Natalie via Otakomu


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