Pile up Your Kemono Friends with New Tsum Tsum-Style Charms

"Mochi kororin" keychains feature Bag, Serval, and more.

The ever-popular Kemono Friends have jumped from app to anime... and now they can go anywhere with you! A new line of "mochi kororin" charms (think like the Disney Tsum Tsum line) are available for preorder until the end of the month.



The polyester keychains are 8 cm long, and include Bag, Serval, Suri Alpaca, Shoebill, Tsuchinoko, and Crested Ibis. One keychain in a blind box is 864 yen (about $7.59) tax included, and a full box guaranteed to contain all six is 5184 yen (about $45.53) tax included.


No word has been given yet on whether this is the full set or just a first wave -- though given the blind box distribution and the sheer number of characters, there are good odds we could see later waves come out.


Individual charms or full boxes can be ordered now from Chugai Online. Preorders will be shipped out in June of this year.


Source: Yaraon!




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