Cure Maid Café Teases Upcoming "Sword Art Online" Crossover

Asuna dons a maid uniform for upcoming collaboration.

If all the hype for Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale still hasn't hit you, don't worry -- there's still more to come. Most recent on the film's list of planned collaborations? A collab cafe. But we're not talking a few themed dishes and a coaster. SAO will be taking over Cure Maid Café.



For those unfamiliar with the maid cafe scene outside of its depiction in anime, Cure Maid Café is quite different from the stereotype. Rather than a typical Akiba cafe with cute food and maids calling you "Master," this one veers toward a more sedate, Victorian style with a heavy European influence.


No information has been revealed on what the special menu will contain, but the café has promised special merchandise featuring the above art of Asuna dressed as one of their Victorian-style maids.


The collaboration event will kick off this coming May. More details will be announced as the event approaches.


Source: Cure Maid Café




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