Celebrate War Wednesday With Full MYTH & ROID "Saga Of Tanya The Evil" Theme Music Video

Following release of fifth single, the first collection is scheduled for April 26th

"JINGO JUNGLE," MYTH & ROID's theme song to the Saga of Tanya the Evil is out on March 8th, and to celebrate the fifth single from Mayu(Vocal),  [email protected](Compose & Arrange) and hotaru(Lyrics), Kadokawa posted the full music video. 



Their first collection is scheduled for April 26th. In addition to new songs, it will feature

  1. "LLL" (Overlord ED theme)
  2. "ANGER / ANGER" (BBK/BRNK) ED theme)
  3. "STYX HELIX" (Re:zer ED theme)
  4. "Paradisus-Paradoxum" (Re:Zero OP)
  5. "JINGO JUNGLE (Remix)"
  6. "Crazy Scary Holy Fantasy" (OVerlord movie theme)


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