"Dragon Ball Z" Monopoly Will Soon Be a Real Thing You Can Buy

Themed game is now up for pre-order at USAopoly

You can turn pretty much anything into Monopoly nowadays. From Attack on Titan Monopoly and Final Fantasy VII to more popular nerd properties like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, the crossovers are limitless. And yes, that even extends to Dragon Ball Z



While there's currently no release date, the Dragon Ball Z Monopoly set is up for pre-order for $39.95 at USAopoly. In addition to the themed board—which has Kame houses, Hyperbolic Time Chambers, and more in place of the traditional real estate—Capsule Corp. and Red Ribbon Army cards stand in for Chance and Community Chest cards. 


Here's a peek at the board: 


The pieces are, from left to right, Trunk's Sword, a DynoCap, Goku's treasured four-star Dragon Ball, a Dragon Ball Radar, Saiyan Armor, and Muten Roshi's Turtle Shell.



It says the Monopoly money is customized, so does that mean it'll be Zeni? I guess we'll find out if the set has any other DBZ-themed features when it launches. 


Via Konbini



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