Hold Onto Your Breastplate, A Male King Arthur Has Joined "Fate/Grand Order"

Character from Prototype version of "Fate/stay night"

Originally, Kinoko Nasu conceived of Fate/stay night with a more hierarchical Master system, a female lead who lost her father and sister in the previous Grail War, and male King Arthur Saber. This Prototype got a 12-minute anime segment released with Carnival Phantasm Season 3, a comedy audio drama and a Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver. Now, Prototype Saber has joined smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order for this year's White Day (the reciprocal Valetine's Day) Chaldea Boys Collection.



illustrated by Nakahara and voiced by Takahiro Sakurai


Craft Essence included

Dabābu Hamāṭu Bāṣu/Talk of the Hot Sand - featuring Gilgamesh (Caster), Enkidu

Detective Edmond ~Spring Equinox Travelogue, featuring s Amakusa Shirou, Edmond Dantes & EMIYA.


As You Wish - featuring Gawain, Tristan, Lancelot (Saber) & Bedivere.


Cafe Camelot - featuring Ramesses II, Arthur Pendragon & Paracelsus Van Hohenheim


Outrage - featuring Rama, Cu Chulainn (Alter), Billy The Kid & Hector.


Operation Fionna - Fionn mac Cumhaill, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne & Charles Babbage.


Quatre Feuilles - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, The Phantom of the Opera & Hans Christian Andersen.


Neverland - featuring Kid Gil, Robin Hood, Edward Teach


La Siesta - featuring Asterios, Thomas Edison, Merlin, Jason & Mini Cu-chan.


Oh, and the identifies of those Shinjuku Servants...


 Archer of Shinjuku, Professor Moriarty, The Napoleon of Crime

Art by Honjou Raita, voiced by Takaya Hashi

Assassin of Shinjuku, Langzi /Yan Qinga(Wanderer) - art by Shimaudon, voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto

Hessian Lobo - Hessian Lobo, the Headless Horseman from Legend of Sleepy Hollow and wolf from Wild Animals I Have Known.



EMIYA (Alter) - archer - art by Sasaki Shonen, voiced by Junichi Suwabe



via Fate/Grand Order Wiki and kotelo


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