Nana Mizuki Assumes Her Final Form In Last Show of "ZIPANGU 2017" Tour

Show-stopping performance of hit song "Hime Murasaki" included a costume with a 17.7 meter wingspan

During the final performance of her "LIVE ZIPANGU 2017" tour, voice actress / singer Nana Mizuki borrowed a page from the playbook of Sachiko Kobayashi (an enka singer known for her extravagant stage costumes) and appeared in a "long-tailed fowl" costume with a wingspan of 17.7 meters (58.1 feet).



Mizuki's evolution to "last boss" status took place at the Saitama Super Arena in front of some 26,000 adoring fans on March 12, 2017. The costume, which was 4.7 meters (15.4 feet) tall and weighed 2.7 tons, was deployed on-stage while Mizuki sang her hit song "Hime Murasaki".



Afterwards, Mizuki stated that she had "finally achieved her dream" and that she could understand a little better the feelings of fellow-performer Sachiko Kobayashi. "Finally, I've become a last boss of the voice-acting kingdom," Mizuki said with a laugh. "A tiny last boss."



The final concert of the tour included a set list of 27 songs and lasted some 3 hours and 40 minutes. In addition to the spectacular stage show, the concert was filled with other surprises, including a guest appearance by voice actor Koichi Yamadera, who performed a duet of "Hana wa Saku ~ Anime Star Version" with Mizuki during the show's encore.



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