See Who The Family Guests Were On Latest "Gabriel Dropout" Anime

This week, Gabriel Dropout viewers were guests in the households of the anime's two angels and two devils

This week, Gabriel Dropout viewers were guests in the households of the anime's two angels and two devils. Consequentlly, the fittingly titled episode 10, "The Angels and Demons Return Home," welcomed a whole flock of guest cast.  


Gabriel's younger sister, Haniel - Sumire Morohoshi (Tokyo Ghoul's Hinami Fueguchi, Prisma Illya's Erika) 

Vigne's father - Taketora (Akuma in Street Fighter IV)

Vigne's mother - Shiho Kawaragi (Assassination Classroom's Rinka Hayami, Little Buster's Mio Nishizono)

Satania's father - Tokuyoshi Kawashima (Gundam Build Fighter's Takeshi Iori)

Satania's mother - Ryoka Yuzuki (Naruto's Ino Yamanaka, Type-Moon's Arcueid Brunestud, Queen's Blade's Cattleya)

Satania's brother - Yuka Terasaki (Kiznaiver's Chidori Takashiro, Hunter x Hunter's Zushi)

Raphi's Househould Butler, Mariel - Yukiyo Fujii (Amagi Brilliant Park's Latifah Fullanza, Lupin III's Rebecca Rossellini, Log Horizon's Tetra)

Vigne's Pet, Chappy-  Mikako Izawa (Re-Kain's Toilet Hanako)

Satania's familiar, Alexander - Hina Kino


Versus how they looked in the manga



And from author Ukami


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