"Tokyo Ghoul" Live-Action Film will be Released as Planned on July 29

Masataka Kubota (Death Note TV drama) stars as Ken Kaneki

The official website for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Sui Ishida's dark fantasy manga series Tokyo Ghoul has finally announced that it will be released in theaters across Japan as originally planned on July 29. The site says, "We want to deliver this film, created by everyone, including Ishida-sensei, the cast and staff, to as many people as possible." 


Back in early February of this year, 22-year-old actress Fumika Shimizu, who played the main heroine Touka Kirishima, unexpectedly announced her retirement from business to join a Tokyo-based religious group of which she had been a believer since her childhood. Tokyo Ghoul has already finished its filming, but she is not expected to join any promotional activities (press conference, interviews, etc.) for it, and currently there is no hope for her to return to play the character again in the rumored sequel in future. But since her name is still listed in the cast credit, her scenes as Touka will be used as filmed and no re-shootings by a different actress is seemingly scheduled.




Fumika Shimizu as Touka Kirishima on the cover of Weekly Young Jump February 2 issue



"Tokyo Ghoul" film's main visual featuring Fumika Shimizu as Touka Kirishima



Source: "Tokyo Ghoul" live-action film official website


© Sui Ishida/Shueisha

© "Tokyo Ghoul" Production Committee


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