Ukiyoe Arts Inspired by Voice Actress Sumire Uesaka will Go on Sale This Summer

Yusuke Sekioka (intangible cultural property registered by Arakawa Ward) craves the art

Ukiyoe Culture Production Committee has started accepting pre-orders for its first "Todai Seiyu Bizinzu" (Portrait of Beautiful Voice Actress of The Present Age) ukiyoe art inspired by 25-year-old popular anime voice actress Sumire Uesaka, known as Peach Maki in Hozuki no Reitetsu and Fubuki in KanColle, for a late August 2017 release.


The based illustration of her is newly drawn by Risa Ebata (Macross Frontier, AKB0048 character designer). Then Yusuke Sekioka carves it in woodblocks and Keizaburo Matsuzaki prints it on hoshoshi (Japanese paper made from high-quality mulberry wood). Both of the two are registered by Arakawa Ward in Tokyo as an intangible cultural property.


The Sumire Uesaka ukiyoe art will be produced in a limited quantity of 200, and the 60 limited papers are available through the pre-orders till March 31. There are three types of the limited editions, Type-A

(the first printed paper/648,000 yen/5,650 US dollars), Type-B (second to tenth printed papers/270,000

yen/2,350 US dollars), and Type-C (11th to 60th printed papers/108,000 yen/940 US dollars).



Sumire Uesaka



Source: Sankei Shimbun press release


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