Lantis and Others Launch "ANiUTa" Music Streaming Service in Japan

Digital distribution service for anime-themed music seeks to expand overseas within the year

On March 24, 2017, several Japanese anime music record companies (including Lantis Co., Ltd. and FlyingDog, Inc.) joined forces to create a new company named ANiUTa, Inc. with the goal of providing a subscription-based digital distribution service dedicated to anime, game, tokusatsu, and Vocaloid music.



The ANiUTa service is currently available in Japan for Android and iOS smart phones for a fee of 600 yen ($5.40 US) per month. Subscribing to the service grants the users access to more than 50,000 music tracks and the ability to search for music by anime title. ANiUTa also plans to offer exclusive content, such as pre-release music streaming, collaborations with voice actors, concert ticket applications, and merchandise.



ANiUTa, Inc. is based in Tokyo, and Shiro Sasaki (CEO of Flying Dog, Inc.) serves as the company's chief execturive officer. Although at launch the ANiUTa music streaming service is only available in Japan, ANiUTa plans to expand to include foreign markets within the year.



Official press release

ANiUTa official home page


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