Three More Heroes Join the Cast of Tatsunoko's "Infini-T Force"

3DCG anime celebrating the 55th anniversary of Tatsunoko Production hits Nippon TV in October of 2017

The rest of the main cast of heroes has been announced for Infini-T Force, an upcoming 3DCG anime that celebrates the 55th anniversary of Tatsunoko Production by crossing over characters from four of their most enduring anime series: Science Ninja Team GatchmanCasshanHurricane Polymar, and Tekkaman: The Space Knight.



The new cast members include:



Takahiro Sakurai as Johji Minami / Tekkaman.



Kenichi Suzumura as Takeshi Yoroi / Polymar.



And Sōma Saitō as Tetsuya Azuma / Casshan.


Tomokazu Seki was previously announced as the voice of Ken Washio / Gatchman.



Infini-T Force is directed by Kiyotaka Suzuki and features animation by Digital Frontier. The series will broadcast on Nippon TV and other stations beginning in October of 2017.


Source: Ota-suke


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